The Old Boys' Association 







The object of the association shall be to develop and encourage 
mutual good fellowship, and give all possible 
support to worthwhile causes.

    On returning from the War in 1946 Denis Hooton, with help from Jim Smith, set to work preparing a list of ex-members and compiling addresses, with a view to holding a special meeting to celebrate the Company's Golden Anniversary, which fell due on January 13th 1946.

    This was a mammoth undertaking, with many Old Boys having since married and moved away during the war. However, a list was duly compiled and details circulated to over 100 ex-members.

    On March 13th 1947 a Celebration Dinner was held at Bridge House Restaurant London Bridge. Over 100 ex- members plus four Senior Boys were in attendance. All the surviving Captains were present, Roberts, Wigney, Rowbottom and Hooton. with Aubrey Roberts in the Chair.

    It was such a resounding success that the assembled gathering suggested that another be held the following year ". This was agreed, and a second Dinner was held at the Bridge House Restaurant on March 4th 1948. In the general discussions after the Toast and Speeches the Old Boys' Association was formed. Dennis Alderson was "press ganged" into being Secretary in order to get the Association off the ground. After one year, however Company commitments forced him to pass the post onto Jim Smith.  We have now held a Reunion Dinner every year since 1948.

    At the outset of its formation the rules laid down the Post of a President appointed for life, and a Chairman who would serve only one year having spent the previous year as Vice Chairman. Priority was given to past Captains, then past Officers and then current Officers. Following this a choice was made from older and then younger Old Boys in alternate years. We have been fortunate in our choice of Chairmen, only one has died in office and that was back in the fifties.  

    Nowadays we hold a Reunion Bible Class each year in October, lay a wreath, in memory of past members at St. James Church on Remembrance Sunday and in January 2008 we will organize our 50th and last  Christmas party for sixty or so Old Folk.

     As part of the millennium celebrations we held a Reunion Weekend on the Island of Wight, which, was repeated in 2002 ,2004,2006.2008.2010.2012  and hopefully will be again in 2014.