The Old Folks Party  50th Anniversary

1959 – 2008








       When the Boys Brigade reached its 75th Year in 1958, Brigade Council asked Companies to perform some charitable act within their own local community to mark the occasion.

The Captain at that time was Bern Pitcher and it was agreed that the 83rd would take part with the help of the Old Boys’ Association. It was agreed that they would raise funds for the elderly of the Parish.

First thoughts were to provide either a sack of coal or a food parcel at Christmas. However, Bern felt that the elderly were likely to be lonely as well as needy and that a party, held early in the New Year, would provide a good meal as well as companionship.

The first party was held on the 2nd.January 1959 at Church House, West Road .This was somewhat governed by the takings at the Jumble Sale of £30. Nevertheless, we were able to provide a good Christmas dinner while the boys supplied the entertainment using sketches that had been performed at Camp and at the Boys’ Supper. 

It was soon obvious that if the invitation list was to grow, larger accommodation would have to be found. Haselrigge Road School was the next venue as the hall was bigger and there was a well-equipped kitchen.

It served its purpose for a time, and the next move was to the Balham "Salvation Army Hall". We then moved into Helby Hall, Helby Road, Clapham Park Estate staying many years before moving back into Church House again. 

Inevitably since the first party in 1958 there have been many memorable and indeed amusing occasions. Such as the party held at Balham. As it was further away than usual the transport problem was much larger; and to add to that it also turned out to be very foggy. One dear lady did not believe that the drivers would arrive on time, so she called a taxi. When she arrived, resplendent in a fur coat she asked for the 10 shillings it had cost for the fare!

Little did anyone dream back in 1958 that in 2008 we would be able to celebrate our 50th party. Regrettably as we were also 50 years older, this was to be our last.  

However, may we share with you some of the memorable highlights with the following selection of Peter’s excellent photographs?  

Date: - Saturday 12th January 2008 

Location: - Clapham Youth Centre.   Lyham Road.



in progress 


The Entertainment 


Cutting of our 50th Anniversary cake was followed  by  dinner.

Soup - Traditional Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings followed by 

Christmas pudding, mince pie's and to finish Tea and Chocolates  






And for the very last time may we   Wish you a very Happy & Healthy New Year

Good Night, God Bless and Good Bye