Photograph Album
Celebration Hundred Years of Camping 
at Whitecliff Bay    





In 2006 several Boys Brigade companies joined together to celebrate one hundred years of camping at Whitecliff Bay  by installing a seat  at the bus stop by the duck pond at the foot of  Peacock  Hill 


2006 Unveiling the new seat 

Yes, Just perfect. 

2006 The presentation Party 

Open for business. 


PS - An Update 

In 2010 while staying at our Summer Reunion Weekend in Bembridge one of our members visited the area to see if the seat needed any routine maintenance, however  on approaching he noticed that there was a gentleman seating on the seat while waiting for  the next bus.  When told about the seat and our members mission for the day the gentleman asked if we could include a bus shelter when we celebrate our next  hundredth anniversary.