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Church House West Road -- A New Chapter. 

We transferred our company HQ to Church House during the 2nd world war after  St.Jame's  Church Hall 
was bombed, and although the company closed it's doors in 1978 the OBA maintained it's association  until the house was closed to await redevelopment  in 2009. 

Church House was home to the 83rd Company for  almost 40 years. During this time they held their regular Sunday Bible classes, also Friday club evenings,  badge preparation classes as well as the boy's annual fish and chip supper and, of course,  the  Old folk's Christmas parties.   

The  house was sold in 2013 and  the new owners started on an extensive building programme to restore the  old Church House  back to  it's former glory  as  their  family home. 


When the  builders stripped the
 wallpaper off a downstairs room wall,
they were amused to find written:- 

  "what you have just stripped off was put  here by the 83rd London Boys Brigade
 in 1977"

The wall may also have had several names written on it  however, only one , "Derrick Briggs " 
can now be clearly seen . 

For those who knew the house, the door on the left is new, and now leads down to the small passage which used to be outside  Mrs Wooly's kitchen.  The toilet extension has now been demolished.  




We believe that in 1977 the Church asked the company to decorate some rooms and we have found from our archives  a picture taken 
in the long room titled. 
"The decorators".

Calling all "1970 's " Old Boys. 

Were you  one of the decorators? 

And were you one of those who papered  that wall? 

We, and the new owners would love to know more. 


Old Headquarters New Family Home

Back in June 2013 we received an email 
(via our web site) from the present owners telling us about the message and seeking more information about the 83rds connection,saying that perhaps the boys who wrote the message would be fascinated to know that their handiwork had been seen 
some 36 years later. 



We would wish to express our appreciation to the 
new owners in allowing us to witness  and be part 
of the transformation of our old headquarters 
to their new  home, and  inviting members 
of our association
for a cup of tea  after our annual 
OBA Bible class in October 201







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