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Camp 1949 
Company  Captain:-  D J Hooton,  Chaplain:- Rev. E J Bloxham     Officers:- D C Alderson   B A Pitcher   
                   Camp at Whitecliffe Bay with 118th London Company

  1950 Camp at Reculver Bay 
Company holders of the All London Drum and Fife Band Shield. 
Company provided arena band at Royal Albert Hall Display 

Church Parade down Park Hill cir 1950

83rd & 74th at THe Royal Albert Hall  1951

Camp at Whitecliffe Bay cir 1955 

Company Display Drill Hall Kings Avenue  cir 1952

Fum with Friend cir 1952

Camp at Whitecliffe Bay cir 1953 

Bern Pitcher  cir 1950

83rd London Company at 10 West Road 1955 








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