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The 83rd London  Company  1898 

The 83rd London  Company Officers 1901 at Battalion Camp  held at Lancing 
Company Captain C F Nursey  
Company had 122 boys 

The 83rd London  Company Band Cir 1900 

The 83rd London  Company at Camp 1916
Captain    A S Roberts              
Company holders of The South London Battalion Gym. Shield.
104 Boys in the Company.  76 Boys at Camp 
32 Boys in the Flute Band.

The 83rd London  Company 1908
Company Captain A S Roberts with 82 Boys in Company
Officers:- W T Hollins, G E Aplin, H S Atfield, W T Craven,
J Worssan, C Warman  & D F Hollins.
Battalion review held at Herne Hill with Sir William Smith









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